COVID-19, but if you do not have to leave the house, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are recommended to cover your face in advance. This new suggestion shows you where you are using everyone’s face masks.

Asymptomatic carriers are unwittingly able to transmit the virus, which is open to the public, like grocery stores and pharmacies, so it has not yet received a cloth mask, now is the time – company citizens are taking steps to produce basic use and medicinal products.

Corona virus can not protect you with masks, perhaps when you cough, you can not infect the other person.Therefore, you can make sweet masks, corona masks at home, there is no need to give a lot of money.Instead of wasting your money, you can make your own mask by watching the video.Thanks to this, you can always be showy and well-groomed, instead of getting depressed at home, you can get yourself a new hobby and provide people with masks.

DIY Face Masks are not as effective as genuine surgical masks.However, if you have fabric and a few sewing materials (and there’s no other way to get a surgical face mask) you can make several masks by watching videos.


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