Which is better brain or beauty? Although the brain has always been preliminary, beauty also has some interesting aspects.

“How would you describe beauty?” When we ask, there is no single and satisfying definition from our environment. because beauty is actually a concept in the eyes and minds of the person looking at that face.

Only the eye does not decide beauty; To understand that a face is beautiful, you must get “brain” and “heart” approval.

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Which is better brain or beauty? -Who is called “beautiful“?

Adriana Lima” According to whom, what is beautiful? In order for a woman’s face to be beautiful, she must meet certain standards.

If we take “eyes, nose, lips, face type and chin, forehead” as face, these come to our mind, if you look at it, face beauty, skincare, haircare add a more detailed perspective to beauty.

According to some, “every girl who is clean” is nice for some, “the girl who does not make up“. According to some, girls born with love are called “beautiful girls”.

Which is better brain or beauty? -What kind of emotions does beauty add to the opposite sex?

The belief that a woman is beautiful is not only dependent on the symmetry of her proportions.Self-feelings, awakened by sexual impulses in men, are transferred to aesthetic sensations. The male finds this beautiful and attractive.

Which is better brain or beauty? – The Need to Love

Women care about beauty to be accepted and liked more easily in society and family.

Living conditions are more difficult for women than for men. Just like the Indians paint their faces during the war, makeup also creates a sense of “trust” in the woman.

This feeling, which is a subset of the need of people to see themselves important; a warm touch, a hot kiss, and a sincere embrace request turned into need.

People who say “nobody loves me” definitely have such a need to love.

Which is better brain or beauty? – Brain and Heart Confirmation

It is stated that the stimuli that make the heart come from the structures in the brain and therefore the brain is the most important organ that affects the heart.

In this way, we can decide beauty not only with the eye, but also with the brain and heart.

Which is better brain or beauty? – Is love in the heart or in the brain?

When we say love, the heart comes to mind first, in fact, love is a feeling that develops in the brain.

Both are invalid in response, the brain is responsible for everything, it can give the heart the command it wants, but the real answer is libido.

Some people prefer the brain more than the heart or beauty. So is it our heart or brain that chooses our partner?

All kinds of emotions and feelings originate from our brains as far as we know today. The heart and other body parts are just tools that make us feel.

Not history books, but romance novels remain more in memory. Why is that?

This is mainly because we are emotional beings. Stories and emotions affect us much more than lean, and cause our brain to be more in-depth.

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