Choosing the best lipstick shades can be difficult, especially if you don’t have much knowledge about makeup.

It is true that a majority of women usually wear lipstick because it adds a special appearance to their face. But, some women like to use their lipstick application to get attention from others and make themselves attractive to them.

There are various options when it comes to the colour of lipstick, which is a necessary aspect to make a woman’s lips attractive. The colour must be chosen carefully so that the colour will be truly complementing your facial features. You should understand the fact that different colours will compliment your face depending on the tone of your skin. It is important that you also choose the colour that will complement your personality and your body type.

Before deciding upon the correct best lipstick shades, it is important to do research on the different shades and brands so that you are aware of the different shades available in the market. Your lips are the most effective way to convey your personality. You should have the confidence of having an attractive and sensual lip colour to help you attract others around you.

Lips are not only visible but they are also very expressive. It can say many things to those who see it. The lips will express any emotion you want.

Different colours, whether the hue is lighter or darker, different prices, packaging and presentation, can easily help you in choosing the best lipstick shade.

The colours of lipstick will depend on many factors such as;

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There are other factors that can determine the correct choice of lipstick shades. You should know the age and race of the person wearing it, her skin tone, how active and how much makeup she wears; the extent of her lips and the type of clothing she wears.

For example, if a girl is a teenager and has a full-on lip, then she should go for the darker lipstick shades to enhance her appearance. A girl should also remember that there are different kinds of lipsticks in the market and in order to get the best lipstick shades, she should try out different shades so that she is able to find the perfect one for her.

Lipstick is mostly made up of wax, which varies according to the type of lipstick.

The basic kind of lipstick is called water-based, which is the mildest in texture. The next type of lipstick is oil-based, which is the most effective in terms of the application of the color.

Water-based lipstick shades are best for people who have sensitive skin or any skin disorders. Oil-based shades will make your lips look more vibrant, soft and moist and some of them are also considered as natural lip colors.

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Depending on the overall color of your lips, you can choose the right shade of lipstick. For example, dark shade will make your lips appear thinner and also more plump, while lighter shade will make them appear fuller and have a shinier appearance. In addition, these shades are generally considered more authentic and elegant.

However, women with lips that are very pale and chapped should avoid the dark shades and choose the light ones.

This is because these shades will not help in reducing the appearance of this problem.

The lip shade is just one aspect of the makeup and one must be careful while selecting the color. Some are found to work well on certain skin types and the color should be matched to the skin tone and the eye color to avoid having an unflattering result.


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