Summer is here, now it’s time to refresh your makeup! It’s time for skincare. When you’re skin tanned, you need to change your skin’s makeup routine accordingly.

Skincare for Tanned Skin – But how can change?

If your skin is tanned, it may be dehydrated, so don’t forget to moisturize your skin before you start applying makeup.

Apply to your face using a moisturizing serum or intensive moisturizer.

Skincare for Tanned Skin – Use foundation!

In the summer heat, if you are skin tanned too much, you can look white with a light foundation on your skin!

Use your eyeshadow in lighter colors.

A closed color can weigh your eyelids if you have a heavy tan.
The pink color that most people avoid using has proven to be universally flattering.
You can choose your eyeshadow as you want. Having a wide range of colors will be enough for you!

Skincare for Tanned Skin -Moisturize, shine your cheeks!

Summer skin is usually about shine, and to improve it, you can apply shine after applying light moisturizers to the cheek area! A tanned skin may look dry, so don’t forget to moisturize the area you will be applying before applying shine!
You can also use cream formulas,to prevent drying and apply to the top of the cheeks.

Skincare for Tanned Skin – Be brave!

First, you can fill your lips with an orange-toned lipstick with a lip brush. You can use a clear orange colour that can give your lips a sexy glow.

You can easily use red, orange or coral colored lipsticks with bronze skin.


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