Makeup is often used to adjust daily look slightly, but some realize its true potential, creating intense hyperreal optical illusions.

Optical illusion or optical illusion is the term used for visually perceived images and when the objective reality is different. The information collected by the eye and processed in the brain creates a perception that does not match the physical measurement of the stimulus source.

People always like to look flashy and beautiful, these people are one of them, we’ve compiled for you the journeys that started with a black and white eyeliner. Taking a photo is more difficult than making all the small details, and aligning is even more difficult than drawing.

No one is born knowing that he has this ability, it is just an instant discovery. People have been a lot of followers after discovering their talents.

He creates his mind-blowing works by mastering perspectives and creating three-dimensionality on a flat surface. It manipulates makeup as it uses an artist’s paint and places shadows on her body to allow her skin to go out or retreat to the body.

These makeups attract a lot of attention among people, almost like an artist. We wish you all the best and good luck as GreyGleam.

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