Lip Makeup is a great way to add that extra something to your favorite outfit.

Although you might think of lipstick as a little beauty aid, this skin type can actually enhance your facial features. While many people think of lipstick as a pretty tip, women with lipsticked faces can really let their hair down.

You see, the secret to having a gorgeous lip look is having a beautiful face. When you have great-looking lips, your face will naturally look better than when you don’t. For the most part, the lip line is also more noticeable when there are some lovely lip colors on your lips. This will create a sexy glow for you, especially if you already have an hourglass shape.

So, what is the best kind of lip color for this particular face shape? Well, the answer really depends on what is comfortable and what you want to enhance. If you are more concerned about your appearance, then there are numerous colors that are available for this particular look.

Some people prefer to wear red lips, while others enjoy darker shades such as dark purple or black. Other colors to look at are the same as with any other face color, like apricot, peach, and brown. These are good basic colors that can go on any face.

However, for lips that tend to lean toward a more unusual shape, then there are lots of lip colors to choose from. For instance, if you have very thin lips, then red and light pink lipsticks are good choices for this condition. It is not unusual to see women wearing very pink lipsticks with blusher on top.

You may want to look at lipstick that is darker on top to help cover up that natural skin tone. The skin around the lips tends to be thinner than that on the rest of the face, so there is less room for the color to show up. For the best look, avoid colors that will highlight the upper lip only, as this can make your lips look very rounded and unnatural.

For a certain number of lips that are fuller, then the best choice will be pink or red lipstick. Look for lipsticks that will have a high sheen, or at least are a bit darker than the rest of your skin. The more saturated the color, the less dark you can be and still maintain your favorite lip color.

For a more dramatic look, then you can add a bit of lip liner or a few lines of lipstick. Use a pencil and draw in small swatches around your lips in a zigzag motion. For a bit of sparkle, look for chunky colors, such as black, burgundy, or even green.

If you want to accentuate your lips, then go for one of the lighter colors, such as gold, bronze, or burgundy. Again, this is a matter of taste, as you can’t go too bold with darker colors, since they can sometimes look odd with your skin. Try neutral colors and keep it simple for the most dramatic look.

For other times, you may find that choosing a lip color that looks different from your natural lip color isn’t practical. In this case, try a lighter lip product, which will easily blend into your natural shade. For example, make your lips look like a subtle brown, by applying a light brown lipstick to your lips.

Other times, you might find that it’s better to go with a darker lip color and match it with a dark lip liner. For instance, try a very dark color on top, and then add a few lines of dark lipstick on your lips. For some face colors, a dark lipstick can even become one of the highlights, such as a red lip.

The key to having a beautiful look with lip makeup is practice. If you spend enough time practicing, you’ll eventually get it right, no matter what your personal likes are for your lips. Once you get it right, however, you will look even better than you ever dreamed possible!


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