Outdated makeup trends definitely do not affect men, they are not welcome by men. So it’s time for these makeup trends to disappear. We listed the worst makeup trends for you. You don’t have to spend much effort trying these makeup trends because they suck!

  1. Glitter Overload

It doesn’t matter for Miley Cyrus, but don’t try it, she’s a celebrity! There’s a lot of glitter and I think it’s time to end, as GreyGleam we’re looking forward to this.

2. Obvious Contouring

The nose and cheek contour is not very pleasant, but it doesn’t matter.
Thanks to Kim Kardashian, this makeup might have been a part of our lives, but in reality it just passed and ended up as a TV star makeup.
Strobing entails highlighting the high points of your face for a beautiful and glowing finish.
GreyGleam wants this makeup to come back!

3. Oversized Lashes

False eyelashes will definitely change the way people look at you. You can look like a monster or a delicate girl.
However, these oversized lashes are obviously false.
Opt for individual lashes and only use a few towards the outer corner of your eyes to get a beautiful effect that won’t scream “FAKE!”.

4. Extreme Eyebrow Definition

You don’t need to organize your eyebrows this much. Leave it alone and be free. It is enough if you only care a little bit for your eyebrows. Do not abuse your eyebrow pencils, sharp and geometric edge drawn eyebrows definitely
not interesting. Take a softer approach with eyebrow powder. You can thin it to the outer corners of your eyebrows with a slightly darker shade.

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