Most personal care products purchased for beauty contain hazardous substances that can cause significant damage to your skin over a long period.

In most recent studies in beauty and care, new products are released every year. When buying a personal care product, you need to read the ingredients well and avoid substances that will harm your skin health.

Unfortunately, it is tough to narrow this list to 6 personal care products since it has been so much lately, even products that claim to be “paraben-free”, “clean” or “completely natural” hide hazardous substances in their product contents.

In recent years, we have switched to more natural and healthier cleaning and personal care products.

1.Hazardous SubstancesParaben

You can see parabens in almost every cosmetic material. It is used for protection purposes, as it extends the shelf life of products and prevents the formation of mould and bacteria. It is possible to see Paraben in the description of products in different forms such as Methylparaben, butylparaben, ethylparaben and propylparaben. Paraben It is found in many different products, especially in moisturizers and care creams, as well as from colour cosmetics to hair care products and deodorants. And although it is so dangerous, unfortunately, it seems impossible to escape from parabens because it has to be used in almost every cosmetic product.

 As a result of the researches conducted in 2004, there is evidence that the paraben substance increases the risk of breast cancer.

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As a result of research conducted in Japan in 2006, it was concluded that methylparaben increases the damage and diseases that may occur on the skin exposed to UV rays. Due to the findings that may cause these diseases, its use in America and Europe has mainly been terminated.

2.Hazardous Substances Perfumes

It does not count as a skincare or personal care product, but it is worth mentioning. Everyone knows the contribution of perfumes to air pollution, but perfumes can cause cancer, its scent can affect asthmatic patients. Asthma patients are sensitive to odours. Companies don’t want to explain the chemicals in their perfumes, and sometimes they don’t even know for themselves.

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There can be more than 3000 chemicals in perfume, many of these chemicals from petrochemicals known as allergens and hormone breakers.

Produced. Therefore, it does not need to be specified and listed on the label. These chemicals can be found in the following products.

  • Air fresheners and scented candles
  • Cologne
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Haircare products
  • Body wash, hand soap and bar soap

3.Hazardous Substances Vaseline

Vaseline, which is abundant in the content of cosmetic products, accumulates on the skin and causes cell ageing and various problems. Vaseline, which disrupts the body’s hormone balance, covers the skin and disrupts its moisturizing feature. It is not a product that is friendly to your skin; it should not be used while pregnant while it is not suitable for every skin.

hair care products,care creams,personal care products,skincare products,hazardous substances,haircare

It is not a completely harmless product; it is a synthetic product. Many artificial products that are not pure are very harmful to our health. Vaseline is also not pure; it is a substance produced with chemicals.

Vaseline increases fatty tissue, makes skin conditions in people with oily skin. If applied to the skin after referring to the skin, it causes significant problems such as sunburn. Also, it leaves you with many issues such as fatigue, digestive issues and skin yellowing.

4. Citric Acid

Citric acid is commonly known as “lemon salt” since its pH value is 2.2; it can make your skin very sensitive. Acids are extracted from oils and fruits in nature, remove dead cells, used in anti-aging applications, and used for acne and blemishes in teens. It triggers collagen and elastin production. When applied regularly, it provides tightening of the pores. Acne disappears in the regular application of blackheads and pimples at certain rates. It is effective in removing fine lines.

hair care products,care creams,personal care products,skincare products,hazardous substances,haircare

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